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Jigsaw Story is a mobile puzzle game that combines jigsaw puzzle, art book, story telling, and music to ensure a fun and relaxing experience for its players. We are working with world-class artists around the globe to create jigsaw puzzles.


Happy Square Studio is an independent studio based in Toronto, Canada that develops games specifically for women 25+.

According to EEDAR, female mobile gamers account for 55% of the 155 Million mobile gamers in North America alone, averaging 38 in age. Around 39% of female mobile gamers are paying gamers, and compared with male gamers, women make 31% more in-app purchases, spend 35% more time playing mobile games, and are much more loyal customers. However, the selection of mobile games designed for women remains limited, with most female- friendly games focusing on match 3, roleplaying and resource management genres.

We want to fill this gap by designing games and applications for women today who play so many different roles. Our mission is to create games that are simple, relaxing, and fun. We want to create the flow for busy women where they can fully de-stress and relax their minds. We are a small team of designers, illustrators, writers, programmers and PM. Please contact us if you also believe in our mission.